Eat Like a Mediterranean


The philosophy of the Mediterranean Diet and how to apply its principles in a 62-page simple-to-follow guide.

  • Do you really know what the Mediterranean Diet is?
  • How can you integrate its philosophy into your everyday life?
  • How to eat consciously and stay healthy?

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These 62 pages will introduce you to the Mediterranean Diet.

You’ll learn how to plan your routine visits to the grocery store and shop consciously.

You’ll learn how to read food labelling.

You’ll learn how to shop seasonally fruits and vegetables.

You’ll choose from a variety of both sweet and savoury snacks, which are easy and quick to prepare.

You’ll discover ways to eat out making nutrition-smart and guilt-free choices.

For those who dare to test their cooking skills, home-made recipes ranging from basic level delicacies to the
most challenging meals, such as the Greek traditional meat-pie.

And last but not least, a sample nutrition plan to use as your guide through the secrets of the
Mediterranean Diet.

This guide contains:

  • A brief history of the Mediterranean Diet and an introduction to its benefits and principles
  • A practical guide & a grocery list for your shopping
  • A weekly menu planner and log
  • A 7-day Mediterranean-oriented nutrition plan
  • Eating out like a Mediterranean
  • Recipes for 10 typical Mediterranean dishes
  • Recipes for 3 typical Mediterranean desserts
  • A portion guide
  • Ideas for sweet and savoury snacks
  • A fruits and vegetables seasonality chart

In your travels, try new dishes, new flavours, new eating routes that will bring you closer to the history of
the places you visit.

Mediterranean dishes, music, recipes, travel guides…

I wish you all the best in your effort!
Because, it’s a way of life.