Nutrivalue embraces some of the most important parts of your life.

Nutrivalue embraces some of the most important parts of your life.

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Nutrivalue embraces some of the most important parts of your life.
Family, work, traveling, your body and your soul.

Each mood gives you tips and information about nutrition and its significance in different aspects of your life.

Because nutrition is indeed the most valuable weapon we have. Not only does it help us survive, it also deeply affects the way we communicate, express our feelings and thoughts, and, essentially, the way we live our life!
Remember. Life is manifold and many-sided. It is coloured by different moods and attitudes. And the truth is it contains a series of multiple versions of our single self.

So, come aboard! Travel, spend time with your kids, listen to music, learn how to take care of your body and soul.

Life is a journey,
enjoy the ride…


Traveling is an excellent way to meet new people, get to know new places and different cultures, habits and traditions.
 It opens up both your spiritual and culinary horizons.

Each travel is an opportunity to taste new dishes, extraordinary flavours and unique combinations that bring you closer to the history of your travel destination.

tart your journey here “tasting” Mediterranean dishes, beautiful music, recipes, travel logs…

is beautiful


One can describe our relationship with food as a journey. A journey lasting from the moment we are born all through maturity. Food plays many different roles in our life. It’s a means to express our love, to show that we care, even to punish; it is a means of communication and a way to provide comfort in someone’s life.

What is emotional hunger? How interdependent are your feelings and the way you eat?

Learn more about “mindful eating” and other new paths opening in the science of nutrition, but also how to love your image and enjoy food without the guilt.

not because you have to
but because you love to


Your body is the only place you can really call “home”. Take good care of it! Never forget that it is built to be in motion. By definition, movement and exercise should be part of your everyday life.

Learn new nutrition tips for your meals before and after workout, explore beautiful music, find motivation to exercise, discover unique ideas for mountain walks or water sports, and learn many more that will enhance your well-being and help your body be at its best!

Cute &


This section is dedicated to our little heroes. And their families.

Print out and colour our nutrition-oriented printouts, play with the Mediterranean Diet pyramid and learn how to eat healthy.

Our topics include pregnancy, family recipes, music, life as a dad, nutrition tips for children, teenagers and…hard-working students.


like a meditteranean

for you who want to eat right!


like a meditteranean


for you who are looking for what to eat!

Weight Loss

like a meditteranean


for you that you want to do the right way!

It’s a way of Life!


Diamonds in the sea.
Mixed Media on canvas 70*130cm