This service is addressed to companies, restaurants, schools and, in general, groups that need dietary support or nutrition education/counseling

In a wider context, it could also interest any group that is directly or indirectly involved in the field of nutrition.

Nutritional Support for companies

In more detail, corporate support could include:

  •   Counseling-nutrition support provided to the personnel of a company, with the aim to improve their health and performance.
  • Nutrition support and design of corporate menus for companies offering in-house lunches or snacks.
  • Nutritional assessment of products, group of foods and recipes.
  • Scientifically supported articles on nutrition, which present specific products aiming at their best possible promotion.
  • Speeches at both public and private schools aiming at raising awareness of students and parents on nutrition.
  • Speeches and seminars at sports clubs and academies.


In case you are interested in working with me in any form of the ones above, do not hesitate to contact me!