Healthy Snacks for the beach

 8+3 Healthy Snacks for the beach

Summer is finally here! Hopefully, most of you spend your weekends on the beach. Do not forget: do not leave your stomach empty for many hours, because the only thing you’ll manage to do is block your metabolism, dehydrate and bloat (increase fluid retention).

And this will leave you with two options:

Either craving for junk food, doughnuts (sugar and calories), ice creams (sugar and lots of calories), beers and chips (lots of calories, as well)

or –even worse- devouring a heavy dinner including steaks, bread, French fries and everything you can find on the menu!

The results: a heavy stomach, bloating and increased weight.
But, with a little planning ahead, this can be avoided. Even for those of you who do not have the time to prepare something at home, my on-the-go suggestions will be a perfect solution.


For the organised ones:


1. Fresh fruit
What else? Rich in vitamins, vegetable fibres and water! They will boost your energy and cool your body. The easiest to pack are:

a. Grapes. Put them in the freezer overnight and they will turn into an unbelievably refreshing treat.
b. Bananas. Rich in potassium, they help you stay hydrated, plus they are so easy to peel!


2. Dried nuts
If you’re looking for the best body fuel for a day on the beach, choose dried nuts. Rich in unsaturated fats and proteins. Make your own mix adding dried fruits, such as Cornelian cherries, raisins, berries.


3. Crackers
It’s not so difficult to throw a pack of crackers, preferably whole-grain ones, in your beach tote. An excellent source of carbohydrates (namely, energy) and very easy to digest.


4. Raw veggies
Vegetable sticks. The best beach snack! It may sound boring to you now, but when being dehydrated on the beach, a cucumber or carrot stick is really refreshing and crispy. Just slice some cucumber, carrot, radish or celery and put them in a polybag together with some ice cubes. The ice will keep them cool until you decide to chew them away. Cherry tomatoes are also a delicious and refreshing choice.


5. Sandwiches
A classic favourite snack! Make sure the bread slices are thick enough to hold it together and to prevent soaking.


6. Iced coconut water
For those of you that enjoy exotic flavours. You’ll find it in gourmet convenience stores. Put it in the freezer overnight and, in the morning, you’ll have your frozen drink ready! Coconut water is rich in electrolytes and richer in potassium than a banana.


7. Bretzels

An easy-to-carry snack.


8. Energy bars
Ideally, homemade ones. Rich is proteins and vegetable fibres. Avoid the chocolate-covered ones, since sunlight and heat are not chocolate’s best friends.


For the more spontaneous ones…


1. The bakery around the corner

Pair your take-away coffee with bread sticks, a Greek koulouri, raisin bread or olive bread.


2. The bakery around the corner – Part2

A snack that you can easily find is burrito or tortilla sandwiches with yellow cheese, cured turkey and vegetables. Put them in a bag with ice cold bottles of water and you’ll keep them fresh and cool.


3. Beach bars

offer a variety of healthy snack alternatives. Fruit salads, yoghurt, plain sandwiches or club sandwiches (skip the chips!).