Exercise & weightloss. Go for it but only combined with the right nutrition!

Exercise & weightloss. Go for it but only combined with the right nutrition!

Most people try to loose weight either through exhausting diets or equally exhausting workout programs at the gym. The results are always disheartening. Why?

The answer is simple.

In order for our bodies to decompose fat, we need to burn off more calories than the ones we consume. This is called a negative caloric balance. However, many people think that they can loose more weight or loose it faster if they exercise and, at the same time, reduce the food they consume, so that their caloric balance becomes even more negative.

The truth is that systematic, light and long-term exercise does help us loose weight, as long as it is combined with the right nutrition.

In strict diets that are based on caloric restriction, our body is adapted to the reduced calorie intake and functions on its lowest possible energy. Due to this reduced metabolic function, in a few weeks or even days, most people feel weak and tired. It is this well-known point that we call weight-loss plateau.

And that’s where the vicious circle begins.

Intense workout sessions,

low-calory diets,

a slow metabolism,

fat storage

and increased weight.

Let’s see how a negative caloric balance combined with a reduced or even zero intake of carbs (the basic principle behind the so-called chemical or high-protein diets or the Dukan diet) can have another negative impact. Your body cannot find any fuel (carbs) to function properly and is «forced» to use muscle mass. Your metabolism becomes slower and slower, leading to a weight-loss plateau, frustration and unanswered questions like «Why don’t I get thinner? I exercise and I literally don’t eat anything!»

How can you break this vicious circle?

The answer is, once more, very simple!

Follow a nutrition that follows the rules of the Mediterranean Diet and never never leave your stomach empty for more than 4 hours. And don’t forget to keep your body well-hydrated by drinking 1 ½ – 2 litres of water every day.

As we Greeks say: «A hungry bear doesn’t dance»
So, first of all, you definitely need a slight nutritional preparation. One to two hours before your workout session you can have a light snack, such as:

1 grilled sandwich with yellow cheese (kaseri) and cured turkey or

1 homemade energy bar or

1 slice of bread with feta cheese.

Exercising with an empty stomach does not necessarily help you burn more fat. On the contrary, it can reduce your performance and lead to a loss of muscle mass.

What is important for you to remember is that half to one hour after your workout session you need to compensate for the lost energy and protect your muscles against damage.

The best possible post-workout snack is a combination of carbohydrates and proteins, such as:

1 glass of milk with cereals

1/2 cup of almonds and ½ glass of milk

1 grilled sandwich with yellow cheese (kaseri) and cured turkey or

1 egg with a slice of bread or

1 full meal if it is lunch or dinner time.

For better results, consume your snacks or meals as soon as you finish your workout.
And always remember to compensate for the fluids you lost during exercise by drinking lots of fresh