A family outing in a restaurant

How to make healthy choices for your kids

Kids love eating out with their parents! They enjoy breaking the daily routine plus it’s a great opportunity for them to consume foods they’re not allowed to at home. It’s not easy for parents to insist on ordering a healthy dish, when tempting large portions are offered at low prices. Unfortunately, such meals tend to contain high levels of fats and calories.

Here’s a list of tips that could really help you guide your kids to healthier meal choices and smaller portions. This is actually a guide that will help you control the consumption of fat, sodium and sugar, and reduce the amount of calories in your kids’ meals!

  • Check the menu for special kids’ meals.
  • In case there are no kids’ meals on the menu, opt for a regular portion and share it with your kid.
  • Avoid ordering larger portions just because they are part of a special offer!
  • Do not hesitate to ask for slight changes on the kids’ menu. Let your kids choose their favourite meal and then ask to have it served with water or juice instead of a soft drink, or –for the more daring ones!- with a sliced apple garnish instead of French fries.
  • Discuss with your kids before ordering and recommend milk, water or fresh juice to accompany their meal. Explain that soft drinks do not contain any vitamins and just fill their tummies with lots of calories.
  • Inform your kids that they can order the garnish they like. For example, they could have baked potatoes instead of French fries or wild instead of white rice.
  • Choose dishes that are steamed, grilled or baked.
  • Ask for your sauces or dressings to be served in a small bowl, so that you can control the quantity you consume.
  • Order you salads with no dressing.
  • In case your kids react and disagree, make a deal! Insist that at least one healthy food must be on their plate.
  • And finally, be a role model! Order something healthy for you, too.