Ideas for a healthy school lunchbox

September is here and schools are about to start!

I’m sure all fancy brand new school bags are already packed with colourful notebooks, sharpened pencils and pencil cases with invincible super heroes and cute little princesses and fairies. But, wait…Something’s missing!

The school lunchbox!

High school performance is not just a matter of intelligence. Our brain, in order to function at its best, needs all necessary nutrients. A student’s lunchbox should, therefore, be poor in fats and sugar and rich in vitamins, calcium and magnesium.

This is a list of healthy snack alternatives for our little tots.


First of all, our all-time-classic grilled sandwich. Preferably use whole-grain bread, yellow cheese and vegetables, such as cucumber, lettuce and peppers. Avoid tomatoes, since they make the bread moist and kids don’t like it.


The traditional homemade pie. Fill it with cheese, spinach, zucchinis or even tahini! This much-loved snack has been a favourite of mums and grandmas, who use their art, family recipes and the purest of ingredients!


The exotic tortilla or burrito sandwich. Add some yellow cheese, cured turkey and vegetables, wrap it and you’re ready to go!


For those crispy snack lovers, crackers, Greek bread rings or bread sticks. An easy and quick snack. The sesame seed on the bread rings are an excellent source of calcium.


The Italian homemade pizza. Use whole-grain flour for more vegetable fibres. Try mozzarella instead of plain yellow cheese!


The traditional pasteli (sesame seed bar with honey). For those having a sweet tooth. It doesn’t melt like chocolate and it’s an excellent source of calcium.


A homemade cake or homemade cookies. Spend some time with your kids on a Sunday afternoon to bake together a cake or some cookies. It’s so much fun, your kids will enjoy it and you will be sure that the ingredients of this delicious snack are high quality and healthy.

Finally, a snack that all kids will most certainly love!


A cereal, dried nuts, chocolate flakes and dried fruits mix.

Mix in a polybag cereals, your kid’s favourite dried fruits (e.g. raisins, Cornelian cherries, bananas, strawberries). Add some plain or couverture chocolate flakes and unsalted dried nuts. Ready to go!


Always put in your kid’s lunchbox a fruit or a juice.


Try to involve your kids in the preparation of their lunchboxes. This process could be an unparalleled opportunity to teach them some healthy eating basics. Use this time to be close to your little angels and give them a chance to feel that they are responsible for what they eat and they have the freedom to make their own personal choices. Let’s not forget that kids will enjoy their snacks more if they prepare them on their own, using the ingredients they like and appreciating the time and effort they put in the process.


Have a creative and…savoury school year!